Powderhound was founded by British artist and photographer Natasha Durlacher in 2018. After many years of skiing and photographing life in the Alps, Natasha wanted to turn her memories of mountain life into contemporary designs that would remind people of their mountain adventures . With a lifetime of creative experience in the world of art and design Natasha set about creating the Powderhound homeware and lifestyle collections. 

Whether a skier, snowboarder, walker or simply someone who loves being in the mountains, her designs celebrate the snow and capture the beauty of alpine life. 
Natasha runs Powderhound with her husband and co founder Tim Hall along with their family in West London.
Powderhound products work brilliantly as gift items for friends and family, as well as fun, contemporary additions to the home or chalet.
Protecting the mountains has been a priority of the founders since the company’s inception, the homeware is responsibly sourced, and each product is as eco-friendly as possible. Mountains have been an important part of the founders lives and they hope the collections will inspire a love of mountain sport and alpine life.
Whether in your hand, on your wall or on your back each piece will remind you of happy times in the mountains.