Ski Trivia Quiz Answers

Question 1: Loose, unskied snow Answer 1: Powder
Question 2: A technique used to rapidly reverse direction while standing stationary on skis Answer 2: Kickturn
Question 3: A common mountain conveyance system Answer 3: Chairlift 
Question 4: A radio transceiver used to find people buried in snow
Answer 4: Avalanche Beacon
Question 5: Strips of plush covered fabric that attach to skis allowing for better grip when climbing. Answer 5: Climbing Skins 
Question 6: Free-heeled downhill skiing Answer 6: Telemark
Question 7: Skiing's equivalent of golf's 'nineteenth hole' Answer 7: Apres Ski 
Question 8: A bright and sunny ski day Answer 8: Blue Bird
Question 9: Bump formed on a ski slope from many skiers turning in the same place Answer 9: Mogul
Question 10:  Equipment allowing a skier's heel to be free for climbing, but can be locked down for descending Answer 10: Alpine Touring
Question 11: Direct line down a slope. Often described as the route a ball would travel if released down a slope Answer 11: Fall Line
Question 12: French word for a marked ski run Answer 12: Piste
Question 13: A surface lift featuring a series of poles and cross bars suspended from an overhead cable. The bane of snowboarders worldwide! Answer 13: T-bar
Question 14: An overhanging snow ledge formed by wind loading on an exposed ridgeline Answer 14: Cornice
Question 15: Skiing outside the boundaries of a ski area or resort Answer 15: Backcountry Skiing