The mountains, majestic and challenging, are home not only to human adventurers, but also to some furry heroes, the mountain rescue dogs.

To celebrate international dog day and to introduce the Powderhound Dog collection here we explore three remarkable and beautiful mountain dog breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, St Bernard and the Siberian Huskies. These were specifically chosen as rescue dogs in the mountains due to their fearlessness and heightened ability to both smell and hunt. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Native to the cold regions of the Swiss Alps, Bernese Mountain Dogs have a thick double coat that keeps them insulated. Their strong build allows them to trudge through deep snow, making them resilient against the harshest conditions. The Bernese Mountain dogs have one of the most acute senses of smell, making them adept at detecting the slightest disturbances. Their heightened sense of olfactory ability allows them to sense the pheromones released in the air by humans trapped under the snow.

Saint Bernard

Their natural disposition is to guard and protect, making them fiercely loyal. Originally developed by Monks at the St. Bernard Monastery and Hospice founded during the 11th century, the majestic Saint Bernard is famous for rescuing adventurers caught in avalanches on the Swiss alps. However today, Bernards are not used so much as mountain rescuers but instead as gentle and faithful companions. With a legacy rooted in saving lives, Saint Bernard’s are enduring symbols of hope and bravery in the mountainous regions.

Siberian Huskies

 Historically used as sled dogs Siberian Huskies have incredible stamina. This ensures their ability to cover vast mountainous regions without tiring easily. The Siberian Husky have a unique eye structure that captures more light, making their vision sharper during the dim mounting nights, enabling them to spot troubled or lost victims easily. Native to the chilly Siberian regions, their thick white and black coat offers protections against the cold. These attributes, combined with rigorous training molds these breeds into the formidable rescue dogs that they are. Not only their inherent breed characteristics, but also their indomitable spirit, fierce loyalty and the heart-warming bond they share with humans that truly establish them as genuine guardians of the mountains.



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August 26, 2023 — Tim Hall