Temperatures are rising more quickly in the mountains than anywhere else on Earth. The amount of organisations and charities that promote a greener environment can be overwhelming, so here is a mountain specific list of organisations you can support.


One percent for the planet

In 2001 two close friends and successful businessmen recognized the responsibility businesses had for their environmental impact. They took action by pledging to donate 1% of their annual sales (not profits) to environmental organizations.

In 2002, Patagonia's founder, Yvon Chouinard, and Blue Ribbon Flies' founder, Craig Mathews, formalized this concept and launched 1% for the Planet, igniting a global movement. The core idea was simple: companies should protect the resources they profit from and give back to the planet.

With Patagonia leading the way, other like-minded brands such as Brushfire Records, Klean Kanteen, New Belgium Brewing, Caudalie, and many more joined the 1% for the Planet network, amplifying the impact of collective action.

Since then, 1% for the Planet has certified over $600 million in donations to environmental causes, and this number continues to grow as the network expands annually, showcasing the strength of unified efforts.

Mountain Riders

A French group that campaigns for a more sustainable winter sports industry since 2001. The group has several initiatives that are attempting to shape a more eco-conscious future for snow tourism. 

For example, their waste collection scheme called ‘Mountain Days’, is the coordination of a yearly mountain clear up. The scheme is powered by over 5,000 volunteers and in 2019 they proudly removed 25 tonnes of waste from the mountains. They are working towards having a 'Zero Waste Mountain in 2030'.

They have also ensured that sustainable development is on the curriculum in many French primary and secondary schools.

One tree at a time

They aim to change the behaviours of businesses and individuals, working collaboratively to tackle small and big sustainable problems. Through various initiatives such as business pledges and an online store featuring repurposed gear, they actively promote and support sustainable transformations, regardless of their scale.

The events and campaigns connect a global community of outdoor enthusiasts. "Climb It for Climate" highlights mountain changes, spurring action. "The Fix It Tour" revives clothing destined for landfills through repurposing and repair.


Powderhound is committed to responsible sourcing, ensuring that every product is as eco-friendly as possible combined with a passion to create unique high quality products that reflect a love of the outdoors, adventure and discovery.

Therefore the majority of our products are made in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint. We also source packaging that has been made from recycled materials.

In honour of World Earth Day on the 22nd April we are going to plant a tree via ONE TREE PLANTED in Europe, for every sale during the month of April 2024.


April 22, 2024 — Tim Hall