Electric Hike is a photographic print by Powderhound . Measuring 20x30 or 30cm x 40cm, Electric Hike is a monochrome print which features Powderhound's signature colourisation in bright, neon tones. This stunning image features four ski tourers dwarfed within a primal winter landscape. A black frame accentuates the drama of this exquisite photographic artwork.

As a piece of affordable art, Electric Hike is a photograph that will appeal to skiers, ski tourers and alpine mountaineers. Photo art enthusiasts will be drawn to the tensions and contrasts depicted in the landscape’s masculine and feminine forms.

Electric Hike is printed using Lambda C-type print technology. For lifelong image stability, Electric Hike is mounted on an aluminium backing plate and protected by acrylic glass.

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Larger sizes available on request

Electric Hike Limited Edition Photo Details

  • Black or white wooden frame
  • Colourised monochrome photo
  • Printed using the Lambda C-type process
  • Mounted on aluminium
  • Protected by transparent acrylic
  • Photography & artwork by Powderhound