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Tim has been a photographer for 30 years and has photographed extensively in the Alps. He is highly regarded for his stunning landscapes that celebrate the majesty of the mountains .

Natasha comes from a fine art background and has worked in the theatre and film industry as a creative designer and artist. She had a successful business designing and selling lacquer and fabric based accessories from Vietnam.  Her recent art combines photography and mixed media. She also runs an art consultancy

In 2008, Tim was commissioned to photograph the skiers and mountains of the Austrian Arlberg for the Aurelio Hotel in Lech and so began a decade of photographing the Alps.  Tim and Natasha have worked together to produce numerous photographic projects, exhibitions and books. 

Tims photograph of The Lesson became the starting point for a design, in partnership with The Arlberg Kollection and Sporthaus Pfefferkorn in Lech they produced a very successful and iconic t-shirt . This has led to the evolution of the current range and the launch of their Ski-Chain collection.

© photo by Tim Hall